Lundi, 03 de Auguste de 2020

Fillon ganad le primaries de le destra francofone

Le ex primere ministre Francois Fillon arrived le dimanche un clare vantage con a su rival Alain Juppe en le primere resultats difundids de le second retorned de le primaries de le centre- destra francofone. Fillon, que derroted anteriorment a Sarkozy, presentare a le presidencials de 2017.

Con le escrutinie de 2.121 centres electoral de le plus de 10.000 autorise par le votation, Fillon arrived un 69,5 % de le votes, mentre que Juppe se face con le 30,5%. Fillon confrontare posiblement, a Valls or Holande et a Marie Le Pen. A. I.

Fillon mostra victoriose ante le destra.


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Very nicely designed website with such a good quality writing on Fillon, who was formerly arrived at Sarkozy, presents of the 2017 presidencials.
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This incident proves that the former Prime Minister Francois Fillon has still huge amount of fan following which he has gained during in government period.
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Good to read this political affair here and details about Fillon, who was formerly welcomed to Sarkozy, presents at the 2017 presidencials.
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Thank you for the information.
People have to watch out what Fillon has in store.
France will have a new leader soon and the world awaits to see that.
Interesting elections update. Looking for more information in future.
Neil Jakson
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